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EaseFemin™ Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i buy EaseFemin™ ?

EaseFemin™ is sold online through NaturaNectar Online Store and through quality natural health and food stores, for an update list of retail stores click here.


Is EaseFemin™ safe if you have a history of breast cancer?

As with most natural supplements containing isoflavones (phytoestrogens), if you have a history of breast cancer you should consult with your physician before taking EaseFemin.


Can I take EaseFemin™ in combination with other medicines?

We advise you to consult with your physician before combining any supplements including EaseFemin™ with prescription drugs or over-the-counter products. Your physician knows your medical history and can best advise you.


Can I take EaseFemin™ in combination with hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

EaseFemin™ proprietary formula contains isoflavones also known as phytoestrogens. Isoflavones have been safely used as an alternative to or in combination with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for many years in many products. However, If you are on HRT, you should talk to your physician before taking EaseFemin.


What is the main ingredient of EaseFemin?

EaseFemin™ contains IsoFactor™, our breakthrough proprietary ingredient from Brazilian Bee Propolis extracts. Bee Propolis has been used for thousand of years to alleviate health conditions of many civilizations. IsoFactor™ contains an exotic, very hard to obtain Brazilian Bee Propolis, whose botanical origin (dalbergia ecastophyllum) was discovered by a team of researchers, including our very own company founder


Are there any side effects to taking EaseFemin?

Aside from the possible allergies described below, there is no other side effects known to EaseFemin.


Who should not take EaseFemin™? Should I be concerned about allergies and other side effects?

As with many dietary supplements, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take EaseFemin™. If you suffer from asthma, eczema or nettle rash, you should consult with your physician before taking EaseFemin™.


A word on allergies:

EaseFemin's IsoFactor™ contains Bee Propolis. Although allergy cases reported in literature are very rare and the EaseFemin™ patent-protected extraction process eliminates most of the non-essential components of Propolis, as a precaution you should not take EaseFemin™ before talking to your physician if you are allergic to bee stings and products such as pollen, honey and royal jelly. EaseFemin™ also contains soy isoflavones.


Is EaseFemin™ 100% natural?

Absolutely! It is 100% natural. It contains natural extracts and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. We do not use fillers as many other so-called natural supplements do. The main ingredient, IsoFactor™, is 100% pure, made only from extracts of Brazilian's fine Red Propolis, an exotic, very hard to find type of Brazilian Propolis – the only one in the world to contain isoflavones (phytoestrogens), an EaseFemin™ exclusive. NaturaNectar™ invested extensive time and resources in product development to bring this innovative, effective and pure product to you.


What's the difference between EaseFemin™ and other available natural supplements to support menopause?

EaseFemin™ has created a breakthrough in the management of symptoms of menopause and perimenopause.* EaseFemin's™ IsoFactor™, a new natural source of isoflavones, also known as phytoestrogens, is now available in the United States to provide you with an alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and to other natural supplements that may not have worked for you.* Only EaseFemin™ has IsoFactor™ a water-based extract of the extremely healthy Brazilian Red Propolis, extracted through a patent protected process.


What are isoflavones? Why are they so important as an EaseFemin™ ingredient?

Isoflavones are so called “phytoestrogens” or a plant substance, that resembles human estrogen in chemical structure yet much weaker. By mimicking human estrogen at certain sites in the body, isoflavones provide many health benefits. Isoflavones create a balancing effect when the level of estrogen is low, such as during the menopause. Isoflavones can also prevent bad estrogen from exerting its harmful effects. Isoflavones are found in a variety of legumes, but only a few of them yield significant counts.
Up to recently, Menopause support natural supplements had to rely only on soy, red clover and kudzu root extracts to obtain isoflavone concentrates. EaseFemin's™ IsoFactor™ with its patent protected extraction technology brings to you the first natural supplement in the United States from a new botanical source of isoflavones (dalbergia ecastophyllum). We are pleased to be the first ones to be bring this benefit to you.


Why did EaseFemin™ add Antioxidants to its formula?

You will be pleased to know that in addition to the benefit of relieving menopausal symptoms, IsoFactor™ isoflavones and flavonoids are also powerful antioxidants.* The truth is, we did not add antioxidants to the formula, they were there originally, put there as an added bonus by nature! It is not a coincidence that the resin from dalbergia ecastophyllum is extremely reddish in color. A DPPH test have shown an 84.25% effectiveness of IsoFactor against free radicals. While treating those cumbersome menopause symptoms, you'll also gain the positive effects of a free-radical scavenger as an added bonus!*


If my symptoms start to come back, can I increase the dosage?

EaseFemin™ provides at least 40 mg of soy isoflavones plus IsoFactor isoflavones per day which is within the range of recommended dosage based on the typical isoflavone intake in Asian women's diets from natural sources. To be precautionary, we recommend you consult with your physician to determine if and for how long he/she believes you should sustain an increase in your daily dosage.

How long will it take for me to start feeling results?

EaseFemin™ should be taken daily for at least 6 weeks before a decision can be made regarding its effectiveness in your body. As with any natural supplement, it takes time to adapt to each individual's body and its delicate balance. For some, results come quickly while for others results take up to 10 -12 weeks to be noticed.*

Should I take EaseFemin™ with food or on an empty stomach?

It's up to you taking EaseFemin™ with or without food is matter of personal preference and convenience. It can be taken before, with, or between meals.

How can I contact you EaseFemin™ if I have other questions?

You can use our contact page at by clicking here or you can call EaseFemin™ Customer Service at 1-800-609-7794, Monday through Friday from 8:30AM - Midnight and Saturday from 10:00AM - 3:00PM Eastern Standard Time.