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Time Line

A Vision Becomes Reality



08/2012 - Sister company ALMAR Apiary opens new state of the art office facilities in Maceió, Brazil to continue to expand and develop the group's bee propolis and products activities.


08/2012 - Vitamin Retailer Magazine August 2012 issue covers NaturaNectar Red Propolis while discussing antioxidants in the US market.


06/2012 - New Hope 360 selects NaturaNectar Red Bee Propolis as one of the top 5 supplements of NPA Marketplace 2012 in Las Vegas.


04/2012 - NaturaNectar's sister company in Brazil ALMAR Apiary kicks off scientific work to further investigate and pursue potential clinical trials for several of NaturaNectar's products. The project has the participation of prominent MD's and Ph.D.'s such as Dr. Jose Alexandre Portinho, MD (OBGYN & Nutrition), Dr. Livia Maria Zimmermann, MD ( Endocrinology & Nutrition) and Dr. Severino Matias de Alencar, Ph.d. (University of São Paulo)


04/2012 - NaturaNectar starts international distribution awarding Servicios Medicos Vistazos of Uruguay exclusive distribution in its home country.


03/2012 - NaturaNectar starts consumer marketing campaign with full page ads in magazines such as Better Nutrition, Remedies and Taste for Life.


03/2012 - Vitamin Retailer Magazine March 2012 issue has extensive coverage on NaturaNectar Gastro Guardian and NaturaNectar's exclusive ingredient the Brazilian Red Propolis.


03/2012 - NaturaNectar Throat Guardian mouth spray with exclusive and clinically studied PWE-M ingredient is launched during 2012 Expo West in Anaheim, CA. The product supports oral and respiratory health.


03/2012 - HSI (Health Sciences Institute of Baltimore) publishes second independent article on NaturaNectar's products focusing on Red Bee Propolis.


02/2012 - NaturaNectar starts new wholesale strategy by hiring two full time Regional Sales Managers in the US.


11/2011 - NaturaNectar group acquires ownership of emerging Brazilian supplement distributor Lifenergy Super Brands.


11/2011 - Better Nutrition magazine highlights NaturaNectar Bee Propolis Trio on an article about beehive products.

09/2011 - NaturaNectar New Line of Functional Bee Propolis Products is unveiled at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, MD.


09/2011 - Vitamin Retailer September 2011 issue covers NaturaNectar new immune support products on its article "The Immunity Challenge"


07/2011 - Vitamin Retailer July 2011 issue covers NaturaNectar's EaseFemin Menopausal Support and its antioxidant properties on its article "Antioxidants: Seeing Doctors Approval"


12/2010 - Select Nutrition Distributors, a divison of UNFI, is now carrying EaseFemin Menopausal Support.

12/2010 - NaturaNectar has its second participation in Natural Products Association Southeast show, SOHO in Orlando, FL.

11/2010 - Frontier Distributors is now carrying NaturaNectar's EaseFemin Menopausal Support to service the Natural Products Coops in the USA Midwest.

10/2010 - EaseFemin and Red Bee Propolis Mentioned on the October 2010 Editorial "It's a Women's World" of Whole Foods Magazine.

10/2010 - NaturaNectar exhibits at the Governor and First Lady 2010 Conference on Women hosted by Maria Shriver in Long Beach, CA.

08/2010 - NaturaNectar's Isoƒactor™ from Brazilian Red Bee Propolis and EaseFemin™ Menopausal Support receive comprehensive coverage in the August 2010 issue of Member's Alert a subscription based monthly newsletter fromHSI-Health Sciences Institute, an independent organization, dedicated to uncovering and researching the most urgent advances in modern natural medicine.

07/2010 - EaseFemin™ Menopausal Support is featured in the July 2010 Women's Health editorial of the Vitamin Retailer, a leading B2B magazine for the natural products industry.

04/2010 - Norm Thompson's to start listing EaseFemin™ Menopausal Support to its online customers.

04/2010 - NaturaNectar's line is accepted by GNC (General Nutrition Corporation) and retail distribution contract is signed for GNC online store, Corporate Concept Stores and franchises.

03/2010 - NaturaNectar's EaseFemin™ debuts at Natural Products Expo West, the world's largest trade show for the Natural Products' industry.

03/2010 - Palko Distributing Co. becomes the first nationwide retail distributor to carry NaturaNectar line of products.

03/2010 - Emerson Ecologics - the largest distributor for the Health Care Practitioner segment and NaturaNectar sign distribution contract. NaturaNectar's products including EaseFemin™ Menopaiusal Support to be available to over 20,000 Practitioners and their patients.

02/2010 - Akins & Chamberlin’s natural food chain in FL approves EaseFemin™ for its Women’s Health section.

02/2010 - NaturaNectar and EaseFemin™ are selected to participate on the August/2010 Marilu Henner’s The Art of Living show to be broadcast nationally on the Women’s Entertainment Network.

02/2010 - EaseFemin™ is featured in the New Products section of Vitamin Retailer Magazine (print and online editions).

12/2009 - NaturaNectar's EaseFemin debuts at first natural products trade show: SOHO in Orlando, FL. Product is well received by the industry

11/2009 - EaseFemin™ is mentioned at Virgo’s Publishing "Natural Products Market Place"

10/2009 - In Partnership with Mother Nature’s Pantry - Health Food Store, brochures and samples are made available for female golfers at 12th Annual Grassy Waters Gala & Golf Classic Oct 9 to 10, 2009.

09/2009 - EaseFemin™ becomes National Program Advertiser for Menopause the Musical® 2009/2010 Tour.

08/2009 - Brainstorm on NaturaNectar™ Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

08/2009 - First Retail Store Pilots EaseFemin™ - Cooper City Health Foods.

07/2009 - Online Sales Start.

07/2009 - EaseFemin™ Menopausal Support is launched.

12/2008 - NaturaNectar LLC & PhenolicFactory are created