Bee Propolis Ultimate™, NSF Contents Certified, 60 Veggie Capsules

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My Wellness Zone™: A snapshot of the great benefits of this exclusive product! 



Protect & Activate Wellness of Multiple Body Cells and Systems.
HUNDREDS of Active Compounds. 
First Balanced Formula with Premium Brazilian Red, Green and Brown Propolis.
  • Premium Brazilian propolis in an exclusive complete and balanced formula with 33% Red, 33% Green, and 33% Brown Propolis
  • A natural source of acclaimed active compounds ARC (Artepillin-C), CAPE (Caffeic acid phenethyl ester), Vestitol, Neo-Vestitol, Formononetin a.o.
  • A source of over 300 natural compounds beneficial to your health.
  • Supports multiple body cells and systems* (check “My Wellness Zone™” below for details)
  • Immune modulation properties for optimum daily health*
  • NaturaNectar’s most advanced formula is now the world’s most complete and exclusive bee propolis product



The most scientifically studied compounds from all types of Brazilian Propolis captured in just one capsule!

NaturaNectar’s Bee Propolis Ultimate™ supplement can uniquely support your health.* 
With an exclusive formula that features therapeutical dosages of flavonoids and organic aromatic acids (OAA) from premium Brazilian Red, Green and Brown propolis. These exotic and exclusive types of Brazilian propolis are appreciated for their therapeutic properties backed by hundreds of scientific studies.

Green Extraction™ is our patent protected and exclusive extraction method that assures pure flavonoids from bee propolis while eliminating nearly all the impurities and beeswax. Only water is used; No chemical solvents.

The highest quality bee propolis of the world from a geographically disperse area: Brazil is the fifth largest country of the world in territory. Broader immune support for you.*

Our ingredients - FLAV-B and PWE-MD have been scientifically studied by numerous universities and organizations. They are the first standardized bee propolis extracts ever obtained.

Posted Jul 4th 2022 by Bob Inzano

I’ve used it for a month and feel I have less fatigue and my joints are almost painless.

Bee Propolis Ultimate
Posted Oct 25th 2021 by margret CAIN

I've been using this product for over two years for {...] and my white cell count has been better than when I started .. and my doctor told me to keep using it.

I'm very hopeful
Posted Apr 21st 2021 by Abbe W Goettl

I've been taking the Ultimate Propolis for about 4 weeks now. I feel great. I am hopeful that this product will have a direct impact on my next bloodwork. In these days of questionable food sources and lower immune function, I feel anything we can do to help increase our chances of being healthy is worth it! I've put my daughters on it as well.

Emails everyday
Posted Nov 9th 2020 by Mike d

Not sure if it works yet but I receive approx 3 emails per day of them spamming non stop

Bee propolis Ultimate
Posted Jun 2nd 2020 by Francine Martin

Propolis is a wonderful and effective way to address all sorts [...] I have used it for years during [... the cold months...]. I have not had the flu for over 15 years and I never take the shot. This is the most powerful version I have ever used. [Slightly edited by NaturaNectar to remove not allowed disease claims]

Posted Jan 18th 2020 by James powell

Not sure used one bottle but on my reorder that I thought was on auto ship I ran out and it almost two weeks before I got my next order so figured if it was working after loosing those two weeks I am starting all over again. Not sure of it’s benefits. [NaturaNectar Reply: Dear James Powell, please contact us and we will adjust your subscription to match your needs. You can call us at 800-609-7794]

Bee Propolis Ultimate
Posted Dec 19th 2019 by Charles Greene

Both my cardiologist and my family practice physician tell me that bee propolis is great for bees but will not help people. I will not be reordering.

My immune system is stronger
Posted Oct 21st 2019 by Jeff Williams

[...] I highly recommend this product, and I cannot wait for my doctor to ask me what have I done to get such great results [...] [Slightly edited by NaturaNectar to remove not allowed disease claims]

Posted Jul 19th 2018 by JOHN PURSELL


Posted Jan 10th 2018 by David Myer


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