In Brazil

Today, NaturaNectar enjoys developing, making, and distributing best-in-class bee propolis supplements and ingredients from raw materials harvested in Brazil. The fifth largest country of the world is widely recognized by its vast biodiversity and favorable climate. In Brazil, we exclusively source and harvest the best bee propolis of the world through our sister company, ALMAR Research and Development.


This is an extraordinary way to offer consumers everywhere the assurance of the origin and quality of our products: we are physically present where the propolis is made!


ALMAR was conceived by our co-founder Alessandro Esteves (1971 – 2014) and his wife Marcia Esteves at the turn of the century. They had a clear vision of pioneering the discovery and development of what was, at the time, a new type of bee propolis; the Brazilian red propolis.

Since then, ALMAR’s apiaries have been cultivating the Brazilian red propolis used by NaturaNectar’s products. ALMAR directly cares for hundreds of its own beehives through a team of dedicated beekeepers. ALMAR also maintains a network of other local beekeepers that closely cooperate with us to keep pace with the growing demand for the exotic red propolis here in the USA and around the world.

ALMAR Apiaries are located at the costal line of the State of Alagoas, Brazil, where we can still find preserved areas of the beautiful and lush Atlantic Forest, with its mangroves, lakes and local wildlife. These areas have an abundancy of the native plant Dalbergia ecastophyllum, a legume that thrives in the mangrove dominated area, with its reddish resin collected by honeybees to make red propolis back at the beehives.
ALMAR promotes red bee propolis production using beekeeping techniques developed in the last several decades since the Africanized Bee was introduced in Brazil in the 1950s. Besides two large physical apiaries, ALMAR has certified facilities that not only harvest the red propolis but promote the reproduction of new queen bees for the ever-growing number of beehives. This work helps to sustain a thriving honeybee population and keeps human interference on the environment at a distance.
However, the work of ALMAR doesn't stop with red propolis. ALMAR reaches out to the central region of Brazil, to the state of Minas Gerais, where it sources the highest quality ultra-green propolis. ALMAR also goes further to the southern forests of Brazil to source the purest Brazilian brown propolis.
We are proud to be among a select group of companies that are physically present where its raw materials are harvested, ensuring only the highest grade bee propolis is imported to the United Sates following the Brazilian Department of Agriculture and USDA and FDA rules.
The cycle closes here in the USA. Here we develop, manufacture, and distribute the best bee propolis products to the whole world.