NaturaNectar's COMPASS was built by the founders' desire to make a difference in the world. It is what drives our policies, products and relationships. Here is an excerpt from J.L.'s notes during the formation of the company:

"It was one of the many trips I have done from Miami to Sao Paulo, Brazil. As a senior executive of one of the largest financial services multinational companies, responsible for Brazil at the time, I was very used to this trip. Flight attendants already knew me by name... This trip was different though. It was to explore my exit strategy from the company that gave me a 21-year exciting career. I felt it was time to do something fundamentally different with my life, something that could make a great impact on people’s lives. I was on my way to explore the potential business opportunity of what we call NaturaNectar and PhenolicFactory today. As I crossed the Equator line flying over South America, I started to type in a few basic caveats that Alessandro and I would have to agree upon before we could do any business together:


• Be conscious of the many needs “our neighbors”, especially the ones closer to us. At least 10% of the company’s profits would be directed to charity.


• Absolutely conduct our business with the highest degree of integrity, ethics and respect.


• Pledge to learn to appreciate and value each other’s strengths and help one another bridge our gaps.


When I presented this to him, his face could not hide how aligned our thoughts were... and so it all began!"   J.L. Paes-Leme, Founder/CEO


NaturaNectar™ will be a leader in science-based natural wellness solutions, benefiting our customers and the world.


To protect and activate wellness naturally through our commitment to developing trusted, science-based, doctor-formulated products while being socially and environmentally responsible.