Imagine holding a bottle of one of the most important dietary supplements you have ever taken and hearing the frenetic sounds of the honeybees on task to create the exotic ruby of the hive used in this product…

That is a reality every day at our bee farms in Brazil where cultivate the exotic Brazilian red propolis through hundreds of our own beehives.

Our sister company, ALMAR is located in the NE region of Brazil and works every day to ensure we have enough supply of these types of bee propolis for the growing demand here in the USA and the whole world.

At NaturaNectar we pride ourselves not only for bringing these precious natural materials directly to you but also for sourcing the highest quality Brazilian ultra-green and brown propolis through our network of Partners beekeepers.

It has been the work of NaturaNectar that has unveiled the phenomenal health benefits provided by each variety of Brazilian bee propolis.


Check the links below to learn more about each different color of propolis!