CATALO is a premium, well-trusted brand in nutritional foods and supplements, with products across multiple categories, with the primary focus on Maternal, Baby and Children (MBC) products. Our products are sold across Asia and the United States through both retail outlets and online channels, and we have been the number one brand in MBC in Hong Kong for three consecutive years. Efficacy and quality is at the forefront of the company’s beliefs as most of our products are manufactured in the United States and are specially formulated with branded or patented technology. Today CATALO offers a wide range of health products that offer wellness to every member of your family - from expectant moms to babies to seniors. CATALO is known for exceptional formulas made with a focus on natural ingredients, so that your family can enjoy the CAre, viTAlity and LOngevity it deserves.

Catalo’s “Extra Green Propolis Extract” is a NaturaNectar co-branded product using our exclusive FLAV-G ingredient.

Neopharm is a Bulgarian company specialized in the development and distribution of original, high quality therapeutic products made to improve the health and well-being of patients. Neopharm was founded in 1996. Until 2002 the company traded in medicinal products, substances and chemicals on the Bulgarian and international markets. The company has developed 32 products under its own registered trade mark. Since its establishment, Neopharm’s sales grew faster than the average pharmaceutical market growth rate in Bulgaria.

Neopharm’s ATUSIN SYRUP is a NaturaNectar cp-branded product using our exclusive PWE-MD ingredient.