It all started with Sven Salomon, a biochemist in Denmark who during his life developed a unique and efficient method to extract the best of bee propolis using only purified water as extraction solvent.


Fast forward to the turn of the century, in the beautiful sunny coastline of the Brazilian Northeast. There, our co-founder, Alessandro Esteves, planted the seeds of ALAMAR Apiary and pioneered bee farms that started local red propolis production.

2000 - 2006

During 2006 and 2007, Alessandro Esteves closely cooperated with various institutions including a team of researchers from University of São Paulo, Brazil, in the quest to better understand and further study the exotic Brazilian red propolis.


Alessandro Esteves together with researchers Bruno Silva, Pedro Rosalen, Jaime Cury, Masaharu Ikegary, Vinícius Souza and Severino Alencar published the historical scientific paper that finally identified Dalbergia ecastophyllum as the botanical origin of this exotic and extremely rich type of Propolis.


NaturaNectar & PhenolicFactory are conceived with first drawings of business structure created during founders' meetings in the United States and Brazil.


EaseFemin Menopausal Support is launched. First supplement with aglycone isoflavones from Brazilian red propolis.

Cooper City Health Foods in Cooper City, FL and Mother Nature’s Pantry in Palm Beach Gardens, FL become the first health food stores to carry NaturaNectar line of products.



After the December 2009 successful participation in the South East Natural Products Association trade show SOHO in Orlando FL, NaturaNectar adds to its annual calendar both Natural Product’s Expo West and Expo East shows.

National distribution starts.



First line of functional products from bee propolis is launched with the following products:


   • Red Bee Propolis

   • Green Bee Propolis

   • Bee Propolis Trio™

   • Gastro Guardian™

   • Immune Guardian™



NaturaNectar Throat Guardian™ Bee Berry mouth spray with exclusive and clinically studied PWE-M ingredient is launched.

New Hope 360 selects NaturaNectar Red Bee Propolis as one of the top 5 supplements of NPA Marketplace in Las Vegas, NV.

NaturaNectar Red Bee Propolis wins Better Nutrition Magazine’s 2012 Best of Supplements Award.



NaturaNectar introduces its new branding and packaging developed by Christieand.co from Santa Barbara, CA after a detailed market research study.

NaturaNectar Nasal Guardian™, a nasal wash spray is launched.

NaturaNectar Throat Guardian™ wins Delicious Living 2013 Supplement Awards.

Natural Products Expo West Awards NaturaNectar Throat Guardian™ for Best Sinus & Allergies Product.



Signed Partnership with FLAVOR Laboratory of Federal University of Sergipe.

Professor Dr. Narendra Narain becomes a member of NaturaNectar’s Scientific Advisory Board.

August 26, 2014 † Alessandro Esteves. Forever in our hearts.



NaturaNectar Bee Propolis Ultimate is launched.


NaturaNectar Brown Bee Propolis is launched.


NaturaNectar launches a new web experience.