Think about a Scandinavian secret, hidden from most of the world until 2010, that would unlock the various health benefits of bee propolis in the most pure, clean and effective way... Our Partnership with PRC gave NaturaNectar the exclusive Green Extraction™ process, and created the largest library of scientific work on bee propolis ever seen.

PRC represents four decades of intense research and development exclusively in the field of bee propolis. No other company has ever done that only for bee propolis to date. This work culminated with Salomon Propolis® products being awarded licenses by the Danish health authorities to be sold as natural medicines.

This was not a small endeavor. Dr. Jens Vagn Nielsen’s visionary work led to the several scientific papers and a double blind, placebo controlled, clinical trial executed on Green Extraction’s PWE (Propolis Water Extract). This work highlighted PWE’s health benefits for our respiratory system.

Since 2010 when we celebrated our Partnership, Dr. Nielsen and PRC have worked in close cooperation with NaturaNectar and sister company PhenolicFactory. Through NaturaNectar’s Scientific Advisory Board there is constant debate on our existing and new products, guidance on the day-to-day operations of the Green Extraction™ technology used by PhenolicFactory, and most importantly, our quest to deliver the highest quality bee propolis products in existence today directly to you.