DermaHive Red Propolis Antioxidant Skin Lotion

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Your New Choice for RESTORATIVE Skin Care.

Exclusive Red Propolis Organic Aromatic Acids!

Antioxidant Skin Lotion for a Young and Healthy Looking Skin

As the beehive is the protection of the honeybees and bee propolis the protection of the beehive, DermaHive™ by NaturaNectar® was created to lead the segment of restorative natural skin care products.

DermaHive is devoted to unleash unprecedented goodness of the various types of Brazilian propolis and specially its exclusive red propolis. Hundreds of scientific papers have shown the beneficial properties of bee propolis for the health of our skin and now these benefits are on your hands!

The human skin is the largest organ of the human body and protects all other systems and cells. Just like the bees protect their hives and health with their propolis, DermaHive™ Red Propolis Antioxidant Skin Lotion can activate your everyday skin wellness and health.

With an exclusive formula rich in red propolis bioflavonoids and organic aromatic acids (OAA) sourced from NaturaNectar’s own exclusive beehives in Brazil and other carefully selected organic ingredients, DermaHive™ Red Propolis Antioxidant Skin Lotion yields fast skin recovery and protection from modern-life every day threats. 

Skin Health with the Good and Natural Stuff AND NONE of the Bad Stuff! 




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