EaseFemin™ Menopausal Support

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Your Number One Choice for Menopause Symptom Relief! Only One Capsule a Day for Most Mature Women!

  • Relief for night sweats*, hot flashes*, and irritability*
  • Calming herbal blend – for a better night of sleep*  
  • Bone support* – calcium & high potency vitamin D3* 
  • Scientific studies support the superior absorption of aglycone isoflavones as compared to common isoflavones normally found in the majority of menopausal supplements and over the counter products 
  • May increase longevity*. Contains NaturaNectar’s IsoƒactorTM from red propolis flavonoids with a stunning Total ORAC of 3,540 μmol TE/g. ORAC, the highest score when compared to all foods on the USDA Database for ORAC. Fights free radicals! 
  • Estrogen free, 100% natural menopausal support 
  • Contains a 1-month supply with 30 clear vegetable capsules, no fillers, safe, natural ingredients
  • Daily dosage is only one capsule a day!

First and only Menopausal natural supplement with the power of Isoƒactor™ from exotic Brazilian Red Propolis*. It combines aglycone isoflavones from both our Isoƒactor™ and not genetically engineered high quality fermented soy. A Proprietary Calming Herbal Blend and HIGH POTENCY Vitamin D3* + Calcium for bone support complete this premium formula!* You MUST try it!



3 Reviews

Sandra Winters Oct 4th 2018

Excellent product

I have been taking it for over a year. I’m taking 2 pills and it has helped so much. When it was not available I tried another supplement (menoease) and has not helped. I’m so happy it’s back. Thank you

Lillian Apr 11th 2018

Didn't work

Sadly this didn't work at all for me!

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