Gastro Guardian™

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A Healthy Digestion for Optimum Immune Function! Put the Honeybees’ Intuitive Knowledge to Work for Your Digestive Health. 
  • Alleviates occasional acid regurgitation* 
  • Promotes stomach comfort* 
  • Supports digestion* 
  • Reduces incidence of gas* 
  • Excellent travel protection from effects of unknown foods*

Here is How The Ingredients Work to Support Your Digestion*

NaturaNectar Gastro Guardian™ features one the most traditional natural formula to support a healthy digestion*. Based on the original formula from Salomon Propolis®, sold in Scandinavia and Europe for over 30 years, Gastro Guardian™ it is your best choice for a regular and healthy digestion. This is yet another incredible gift from the beehives to your health!

Specially formulated for maximum support for your daily gastrointestinal health* and for that essential protection when traveling. Gastro Guardian™ at Work!

Contains FLAV™-M15 extract made of pure standardized flavonoids of premium Brazilian propolis including Brazilian Red Propolis and Green Propolis combined with a proprietary blend of Licorice DGL and Fenugreek seed extract.
A unique formula that has been used for decades in Scandinavia by Salomon Propolis® with ingredients that have been scientifically studied to promote a healthy and regular digestion* while alleviating occasional acid regurgitation* and reducing gas.*
Maximum support for your daily gastrointestinal health.*
Excellent Travel Protection from the effects of unknown foods.*

Buy NaturaNectar Gastro Guardian . and have a healthy digestion!

Gastrointestinal Guardian
Posted Jun 2nd 2020 by Francine Martin

I decided to try this product because of an imbalance in my stomach (belching almost constantly and gas, evidence of incomplete digestion). After one bottle, I note that I'm better, the belching has subsided considerably. I'm sure I'll see greater improvements in time. I'm happy with the product & will keep using it.

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