Nasal Guardian™ BUNDLE, Isotonic Propolis Nasal Spray, No Burning Sensation - 30 mL Glass Bottle - Pack of 2


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First Bee Propolis Sinus Care Spray to Wash and Clean Respiratory Passages. Wellness for Your Nasal Passages with No Burning Sensation!
Every day you are exposed to millions of pollutants and irritants at work, home, school, or while traveling, that can affect your wellbeing. Just as you wash your hands daily, thanks to Nasal Guardian™, you can now gently cleanse and moisturize your nasal and respiratory passage.
Nasal Guardian contains the original time proven Scandinavian formula from Salomon Propolis®, sourced in Brazil. Bee propolis nasal solutions have been used by generations for the cleansing of nasal and respiratory passages. 
Nasal Guardian Has Our Exclusive PWE™-M (OAA - Organic Aromatic Acids from Brazilian bee propolis)
Nasal Guardian™ is a gentle yet effective saline based natural nasal spray that provides the whole family with all the benefits of bee propolis in an isotonic solution carefully formulated to promote relief and to clean while not damaging the delicate nasal mucous membrane. You wont have any burning sensation when using Nasal Guardian!
Ingredients: purified water, PWE-M (Propolis Water Extract), sea salt, citric acid, and sorbic acid, potassium salt as preservative.
Directions: Clear the nasal passageway by gently blowing your nose before using Nasal Guardian. Insert nozzle into nostril, then pump and breathe in through your nose at the same time two to three times in each nostril. Repeat application two to four times a day or as needed.
Nasal Guardian™ original formula has been safely used in Scandinavia for over thirty years. It gently cleans and soothes sinuses and nasal passages.
Nasal Guardian is safe for children and may be used as drops.
NaturaNectar Nasal Guardian does not contain artificial flavors, dyes and colors. Nasal Guardian can be used while taking other health products.