p-Ca FROM Ultra-Green Propolis, Drops of Brazilian Green Bee Propolis FREE of Ethanol & Propylene Glycol - 60 mL Glass Bottle + Pipet


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p-Ca (p-Coumaric acid) is One of the Most Investigated Compounds in Brazilian Green Propolis. NaturaNectar Brings the First Ultra-Green Propolis Product with p-Ca standardization

P-Coumaric acid (p-Ca), along with other Brazilian ultra-green propolis polyphenols, is widely investigated by the scientific community. Results indicate positive immune supporting mechanisms that are crucial for the balanced lifestyle that today’s consumers are in search of. NaturaNectar p-Ca from Ultra-Green Propolis comes in response to this need and to complement the already popular Brazilian Green Bee Propolis in capsules. It focuses on p-Coumaric acid, one of the most important active compounds in this type of Brazilian propolis. It's unique formula, guaranteed origin and exclusive Green Extraction process yield purity, potency, and quality that are impossible to replicate. NaturaNectar p-Ca FROM Ultra-Green Propolis is FREE of Alcohol, propylene glycol and any other harsh-chemicals used by the majority of other lower quality propolis brands.

  • Supports Liver cell health*
  • Supports lung cell health*
  • Supports colon cell health*
  • Supports brain cell health*
  • Supports kidney cell health*
  • Supports throat cell health*
  • Supports the health of the respiratory, nervous, skeletal, urinary, and digestive systems*
  • Immune modulation*properties


My Wellness Zone™: A snapshot of the great benefits of this exclusive product! 



Bee Propolis is the Best Gift from The Honeybees to Your Health!

It's not a coincidence that propolis means (pro= before) + (polis=city). An amazing substance that is strategically placed by honeybees before their hives to serve as the defender of the hive. As a consequence, the beehive is one of the most sterile environments known by man even at high degrees of temperature and humidity. That's why millennia civilizations have relied on bee propolis to support their health.* 


Featuring Brazilian Ultra-Green Propolis

This specialty type of bee propolis comes from the best producing areas of the State of Minas Gerais. There you find fields covered with "alecrim do campo" (Baccharis dracunculifolia), the plant honeybees collect the Ultra-Green Propolis resin from.




Exclusive Green Extraction™ Process

Green Extraction is our trade-secret and exclusive extraction method that obtains pure flavonoids from bee propolis while eliminating nearly all the impurities. Only water is used. No harsh chemicals solvents. You can see below an image of our PWE-GD extract obtained through our Green Extraction process and used in the formula of p-Ca FROM Ultra-Green Propolis


We are Physically Present in Brazil Sourcing this World-Class Bee Propolis Type for You!