Manufacturing Exclusive Bee Propolis

Located adjacent to NaturaNectar, PhenolicFactory’s modern GMP laboratory has been extracting all raw red bee propolis imported directly from our own beehives in Brazil as well as ultra-green and brown propolis sourced from our Partner beekeepers in other regions of Brazil.
PhenolicFactory has exclusive rights for the Green Extraction™ Technology and has enough capacity to supply NaturaNectar and our international business Partners with the growing demand for the FLAV and PWE line of extracts.
Today PhenolicFactory is one of our most important assets enabling NaturaNectar to make products using the highest quality, potency and purity ingredients ever produced for bee propolis products.
NaturaNectar is one of the few companies in the natural products industry that controls the international source of its ingredients and the making of the main bee propolis extracts it uses to make the products we sell to you.
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