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One of NaturaNectar’s company standards is "Sound Science & Research". From our humble beginnings through today, every year we investigate and Partner with the best authorities in the field of bee propolis. This has been a key enabler of our ability to pioneer the first line of functional products from bee propolis ever developed and to continue to innovate in propolis products like no other company has ever done. 

We pride ourselves not only for that but for also having developed bee propolis extracts among the very few in the world that have been the target of scientific studies and even clinical trials.


 Propolis Research Center, A/S

Think about a Scandinavian secret, hidden from most of the world until 2010, that would unlock the various health benefits of bee propolis in the most pure, clean and effective way... Our Partnership with PRC gave NaturaNectar the exclusive Green Extraction™ process, and created the largest library of scientific work on bee propolis ever seen.
PRC represents four decades of intense research and development exclusively in the field of bee propolis. No other company has ever done that only for bee propolis to date. This work culminated with Salomon Propolis® products being awarded licenses by the Danish health authorities to be sold as natural medicines.
This was not a small endeavor. Dr. Jens Vagn Nielsen’s visionary work led to the several scientific papers and a double blind, placebo controlled, clinical trial executed on Green Extraction’s PWE (Propolis Water Extract). This work highlighted PWE’s health benefits for our respiratory system.
Since 2010 when we celebrated our Partnership, Dr. Nielsen and PRC have worked in close cooperation with NaturaNectar and sister company PhenolicFactory. Through NaturaNectar’s Scientific Advisory Board there is constant debate on our existing and new products, guidance on the day-to-day operations of the Green Extraction™ technology used by PhenolicFactory, and most importantly, our quest to deliver the highest quality bee propolis products in existence today directly to you. 

Scientific Advisory Board

mark-crop-u9072.pngDr. Mark Kaylor, M.H., C.N., Ph.D.

Dr. Mark Kaylor is a lifelong student of Healing as a "path" as a way of living. He came to recognize the importance and essential need to approach chronic disorders from an authentic holistic perspective.

With a diverse background of study that led him from a more conventional education at Gettysburg College, Penn State and the University of Oregon to exploring traditional medicine (including American Indian, traditional Chinese Medicine and shamanistic) and holistic healing, Dr. Kaylor has developed an eclectic approach to health and healing. His travels have led him from the Amazonian rain forest to the Cherokee reservation, and into the mountains of China. These varied studies have inspired Dr. Kaylor to develop a style of practice with the focus being on truly holistic healing that incorporates a variety of approaches, styles, and modalities. 
Seeing his role as an educator and healer, he works to encourage, nourish and bring forth an individual’s innate healing gifts (abilities). Also consulting in the Natural Foods industry as an educator and formulator.  Dr. Kaylor is co-author of "Syndrome X and SX Fraction". Since Dr. Kaylor has been in contact with NaturaNectar he has increased his appreciation for the woderful work of the bees and the fascinating world of the beehives.
narendra-crop-u8952.pngDr. Narendra Narain, Ph.D.
Dr. Narendra Narain also brings to NaturaNectar Scientific Advisory Board key experience and superior credentials in the areas of biotechnology, food science, flavors, volatile compounds in foods, food quality control, high-resolution gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, standards, and food packaging. Dr. Narain has his Ph.D. in Food Technology from the University of Bombay, and Post-Doctorate from Louisiana State University System, USA. He is a researcher of the Brazilian National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq), and serves as President of the Brazilian Society of Food Science and Technology and leads the Post-Graduate Program in Food Science and Technology.
He currently leads the Laboratory of Flavor and Chromatographic Analysis at Federal University of Sergipe, Brazil where NaturaNectar cooperates in research including on our exclusive extracts FLAV™ and PWE™. 
jens-crop-u9014.pngJens Vagn Nielsen, M. Sc. (Pharmacy)

We are proud to have Jens Vagn Nielsen - a world authority in the field of bee propolis - as a member of NaturaNectar Scientific Advisory Board. Mr. Nielsen is a pharmacist born in Denmark who dedicated his life to the beehives. He spent over 25 years studying, lecturing and writing research internationally on the intriguing and extremely advanced colonies of the honeybees. In 1982 Mr. Nielsen acquired from another passionate for bee propolis, Sven Salomon, the company Salomon Propolis® and all its brand rights. With the acquisition Mr. Nielsen further developed the world's most advanced technology for the extraction of bee propolis (NaturaNectar's GREEN EXTRACTION) which has the ability to separate bee propolis in two fractions: a Flavonoids extract and a Phenolic Acids extract using water as a solvent. The process also eliminates nearly all impurities and beeswax. Today, Mr. Nielsen continues to be intrigued by the richness of bee propolis and convinced it is one of the most complete natural substances available to man. He has published 6 scientific papers including 2 clinical trials.


joaohenriques-crop-u8854.pngDr. Joao A Pegas Henriques, Ph.D.

Dr. Joao A Pegas Henriques brings an array of research and biotechnology experience, and an active academic life to NaturaNectar. He is currently a Full Professor with University of Caxias do Sul - UCS, Brazil - Biotechnology Institute and serves since 1989 as Head of the Molecular Radiobiology Laboratory - Biotechnology Centre and since 1983 as Head of the Lab of Eukaryote DNA Repair Department of Biophysics at Federal University of the State of Rio Grande do Sul -- UFRGS in Brazil. Dr. Henriques has directly supervised 59 Phd level and 64 Master's level graduate students. His group is conducting research in cooperation with NaturaNectar for several studies related to the unique Brazilian Red Propolis, as well as other Brazilian Propolis types. He is also studying and our exclusive extracts PWE™ and FLAV™.



Sergipe Federal University

Situated at only 170 miles from our sister company ALMAR Research and Development, the Laboratory of Flavor and Chromatographic Analysis of the University Federal of Sergipe closely cooperate with NaturaNectar and PhenolicFactory to research the quantitative and qualitative chemistry of our bee propolis extracts FLAV and PWE.
This cooperation started in 2013 and in February of 2017 a new term of cooperation has been signed allowing NaturaNectar and PhenolicFactory to continue to identify and measure existing and new compounds in each type of Brazilian propolis used in our products.
The Laboratory is led by Dr. Narendra Narain, Ph.D. who holds superior credentials in the areas of biotechnology, food science, flavors, volatile compounds in foods, food quality control, high-resolution gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, standards, and food packaging.
Our cooperation with the FLAVOR Lab is yet another demonstration of our commitment of bringing to you advanced products underlined by only the best compounds in bee propolis.

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