Throat Guardian™ - Bee Berry

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For Centuries Bees Have Used Propolis to Protect Their Hives…
For Generations, it’s Been the Number One Choice for Oral & Respiratory Health!


Throat Guardian™ - Bee Berry flavor - offers an all natural, time proven Scandinavian formula originally derived from Salomon Propolis™ that is now offered to you in a convenient spray by NaturaNectar.  For generations, bee propolis has been a leading way of promoting oral health and now, with NaturaNectar’s exclusive PWE-M™ (organic aromatic acids from Brazilian bee propolis), there is a great choice for gentle, natural and effective protection.


Throat Guardian™ is free from alcohol/ethanol, propylene glycol and other substances that could harm the delicate mucous membranes.



My Wellness Zone™: A snapshot of the great benefits of this exclusive product! 

With the Exclusive Bee Berry flavor, You Have Never Experienced a Propolis Product that Tastes so Good! Your Children Will Love Throat Guardian!
Throat Guardian's Exclusive PWE Extract is Clinically Studied to:
  • Effectively support lung and bronchial health,*
  • Be well tolerated with no adverse effects.*
NaturaNectar Throat Guardian also delivers these added benefits:
  • Supports respiratory system health*
  • Gently supports oral health* not damaging the mucous membrane
  • Natural companion for daily oral hygiene 
  • 100% alcohol/ethanol free. Good for the entire family (including seniors and children ages 2 and older) †
Exclusive PWE-M™ water based extract, made of pure and standardized organic aromatic acids from a blend of the highest quality Brazilian bee propolis including Brazilian brown, green and red propolis. 
Throat Guardian™ is the first be propolis based throat spray free of alcohol that can be enjoyed by the whole family in a delicious natural flavor. †
IMPORTANT: Throat Guardian contains organic honey and IT IS NOT recommended for children under 2 years of age.


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