Meet Daniel Oliveira, PhD.

Meet Daniel Oliveira, PhD.

Hey, I’m Daniel! It is nice to meet you. 

I’ll be your guide in a series of blog posts revealing NaturaNectar’s quality system – at the home of the world’s best propolis supplements. But first let me introduce myself.

In late 2019, the world was about to face one of its greatest crises and, as the pandemic unfolded, NaturaNectar’s leadership knew well that it would have to hold its stance in the face of coming uncertainties, especially because a significant part of our supply chain is in Brazil, the origin of our propolis. At the company, the message was strong and clear: if any move is to be taken, it must be up, toward product quality enhancement.

That was the backdrop of my joining NaturaNectar. With a PhD in Chemical Engineering and having worked at labs in Brazil, Canada, and the US, I felt ready for the task ahead as the company’s Head of Quality. I am a certified Food Safety and Quality Auditor by the American Society for Quality, and this is a field I am truly passionate about.

At that time, it was clear that we would need to rely more than ever on a process-focused approach to navigate those challenging pandemic times, and both our American and Brazilian teams did an amazing job at uniting around this mindset. This culminated in an industry milestone in 2022: our team effort led NaturaNectar’s propolis products to become the world’s first and only to bear the NSF Contents Certified mark – a testament to our unwavering commitment to high-quality propolis products (click to verify: NSF certification).

The NSF certification is just one aspect of the systemic approach that NaturaNectar has adopted to deliver its products to you. My position gives me a privileged view of the entire process, and I would like to share it with those that trust us, customers like you. From Brazilian apiaries to US manufacturing, I hope you enjoy our journey showing what makes NaturaNectar THE Bee Propolis Company!

More to come!

Daniel Oliveira, Ph.D.

Head of Quality


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