Quality – Consistently Reliable

Quality – Consistently Reliable

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

Let’s continue our blog series looking into NaturaNectar’s quality system. There are so many different aspects to quality, and, at the same time, it is such an overused concept that it is good to start with some groundwork. Let me give you one quality principle that runs deep in NaturaNectar’s system and works as a driving force to how we do things.

Imagine you go to a new restaurant, and the food is delicious. You want to present it to your family and decide to go again, but this time the food is horrible. It might be that, on average, the food at the restaurant is considered good, but the problem is that we do not perceive the average. As humans, we perceive variability, and even though extremely bad and good experiences might compensate for each other over time, the lack of dependability has the power to ruin any desire to go for it again.

Of course, there may be customers with a wider tolerance for the restaurant’s variability, to whom it may not even be perceptible. However, the fact is that the greater the variability, the bigger the potential to fail customer’s expectations and, in this case, even food safety criteria.

The innate aversion to variability is closely linked to a central theme to quality: consistent reliability. We desire a product that meets our expectations not just once, but every time. And that is what our team aims to fulfill. At NaturaNectar, we strive to supply products that are consistently reliable, meeting their established specifications at increasingly higher precisions.

However, in the world of natural products, where botanicals, roots, extracts, etc., originate from different parts of the world and involve multiple handling agents along the way, only a systematic approach to the whole supply chain – from farm to fork - can sustain this level of quality.

Considering this, NaturaNectar has positioned itself at every step of the process. For example, I’m writing this post while visiting our bee farms in the Northeast of Brazil. Our presence here, in Brazil, where our propolis originate, and there, in the USA, where our Green Extraction and product manufacturing occur, is what allows us to be consistently reliable. As we move on, let’s investigate the supply chain in three parts: Raw Propolis, Propolis Extract, and Propolis Supplement, and let’s see how NaturaNectar is involved in each of them.

I can’t wait to share more with you in the coming weeks!

Daniel Oliveira, PhD

Head of Quality


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